The Menegotti Group

Menegotti Group are well known for quality in everything they do. It has been eight decades of history, turning challenges into solution for customers.

Owner of the brands Menegotti Construction Machinery; MGT Handling; MCC Home & Garden; and Menegotti Foundry and Machining, Menegotti Group has four independent business facilities: Menmaq (Jaraguá do Sul/SC), Menfund (Schroeder/SC) and Mfer (Corupá/SC), Geordia, Atlanta, creating more than 500 jobs. Recently the Group has opened its first international unit, called Menegotti North America Inc. (Lawrenceville/GA), becoming a multinational brand.

Management Model

Menegotti Group is a family company that amongst its trajectory have raised its structure and have diversified their activities, focusing the business in two distinct branches: producing of cast and machined pieces – Menfund and light equipment and machinery for civil construction – Menmaq. Each unit operates independently, focused on its respective business, but in aligned manner with the principles of strategic management and business culture, counting with the support of a corporate structure and the direction of the Board of Directors.

The philosophy adopted at Menegotti is that of decentralized participative management, which is based upon four great perspectives: income, processes, market and people, whose attainment of the goals established is followed up monthly by all the coworkers. This model encourages the coworkers to take part in the decision-making process and creates a deeper commitment, opening space for displaying creativity and skills which boost results and create a positive organizational climate.

Business Units